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Olly Dyche

Olly Dyche is a British film critic and self proclaimed professional nerd. As a member of the International Film Society Critics, Olly has had much experience as a film critic and journalist. His passion for film has inspired him to do what he does best. That being, staying anti-social, watching any and every movie and TV show he can, as well as giving his "professional" opinions whether you ask for it or not. With his Cineworld Unlimited card (input cheeky plug here) you will most likely find Olly at his local Cineworld cinema, chomping down on some sweet (yeah, that's right sweet over salted baby) popcorn whilst soaking in the glorious visuals of the latest big screen release, most likely, a horror, comic book or Disney movie.


Weekend Box-Office

April 7-9, 2023
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