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Coastal House Media, formerly known as, was created in 2012 with the intent of publishing news about current events in the genres of comic book, action and sci-fi movies. Since then, we have evolved into an ever-growing community of bloggers, writers and gamers who love to share their enthusiasm for film and entertainment with the world. We now cover everything from pop culture, indie, horror, television, gaming and the most recent trailers to hit the internet.

RANKED TOP 41 Iowa News Companies and Startups of 2021

If you are interested in becoming a Contributor for Coastal House Media, follow us on Twitter, drop a DM and tell us where you are from and what you are most interested in writing about. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

We do NOT offer pay at this time…

But we do offer:

      1. Writing exposure
      2. Great team atmosphere
      3. Experienced critics to learn from
      4. Writing competitions
      5. Team giveaways & prizes
      6. Interview opportunities
      7. Movie screening opportunities
      8. Over a decade of movie blogging experience



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