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Spirited Review | An Instant Christmas Classic

A festive must watch packed with a star studded cast, gut busting humor and catchy musical numbers.



It’s not very often a brand new Christmas movie becomes an instant classic, but here comes Spirited offering all the festive magic you could wish for and more.

Spirited comes with a wholly fresh and original story despite the infamous material it’s based upon. Stacked with a stellar cast, gut busting jokes and catchy tunes, Spirited is a Christmas movie that deserves a watch every Christmas season.

A musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ beloved A Christmas Carol, Spirited follows the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrel) who attempts to redeem an unredeemable (Ryan Reynolds).

Courtesy of Apple

It’s safe to say that there is no shortage of A Christmas Carol adaptations, from the classic 1951 A Christmas Carol, to Bill Murray’s Scrooged and even one involving the Muppets (my favorite). Spirited decides to take the familiar Charles Dickens tale and turn it on its head, making the film feel completely fresh and original despite the material it’s based upon, and results in an adaptation that is easily among the best.

Delivering a story that is so refreshing, Spirited excels in its own original plot, making each twist and turn feel earned and truly unpredictable. These twists are brilliantly executed, and are undeniably impactful. Forcing audiences jaws to drop to the floor as well as hitting them right in the feels in some very emotional moments that are sure to make audiences tear up.

The comedy is pitch perfect, each joke is hilarious and are expertly executed by the film’s cast. The musical numbers are just as funny as they are lavish, excelling the films comedy. Spirited all in all comes together to deliver one of the funniest Christmas ever.

Courtesy of Apple

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrel are unsurprisingly dynamite on screen. Hilariously bouncing back and forth from each other whilst also hitting on all the emotional moments that will be sure to make you shed a tear or two. When you put two brilliant comedic actors, possibly two of the best in the genre on screen together what else could you expect. Similarly, the rest of the supporting cast is brilliant with Octavia Spencer once again showing the world why she is one of the best in the business.

Spirited offers many catchy songs, of which you will find yourself singing or humming along too long after the film has finished. The musical numbers are big, exciting and infectious, that are excelled by the cast, who all deliver surprisingly brilliant singing voices. I know I will be adding each song to my playlist.

All in all, Spirited is a must see Christmas film that is sure to become an instant classic. Offering a new and genius take on Dickens beloved tale, packed with gut busting humor, catchy musical numbers and a stellar cast.

Spirited release on Apple TV+ this Friday, 18th November.


Olly Dyche is a British film critic and self proclaimed professional nerd. As a member of the International Film Society Critics, Olly has had much experience as a film critic and journalist. His passion for film has inspired him to do what he does best. That being, staying anti-social, watching any and every movie and TV show he can, as well as giving his "professional" opinions whether you ask for it or not. With his Cineworld Unlimited card (input cheeky plug here) you will most likely find Olly at his local Cineworld cinema, chomping down on some sweet (yeah, that's right sweet over salted baby) popcorn whilst soaking in the glorious visuals of the latest big screen release, most likely, a horror, comic book or Disney movie.

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Spirited | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

A musical version of Charles Dickens’s story of a miserly misanthrope who is taken on a magical journey.





Comedy, Family, Musical

Release Date:

November 11, 2022


Sean Anders, John Morris


Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, Joe Tippett

Plot Summary:

A musical version of Charles Dickens’s story of a miserly misanthrope who is taken on a magical journey.

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LUCK Review | A Magical and Inspiring Adventure!



From Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation comes their first animated feature which premieres on AppleTV+ this Friday, August 5th. I adored this movie and was truly charmed as the story is something the whole family can get behind and will find it fun but also moving as the film shows how we perceive good luck but also how bad luck can lead to the best things that you never expected would happen in your lifetime.

“Luck” centres around the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world. When she discovers the never-before-seen Land of Luck, Sam must unite with the magical creatures there to turn her luck around. Eva Noblezada provides the voice for Sam. When she ages out of foster care, Sam discovers the Land of Luck and embarks on a quest that could change her luck forever. And despite her bad luck and clumsiness and everything that goes wrong, Sam never lets anything get in her way.

Apple TV+.

Simon Pegg voices Bob, a mischievous black cat from the Land of Luck. He’s all about number one, he’s a self-preservationist, so it’s all about him which makes him sound very selfish. However underneath he’s just trying to survive and once Sam, invariably enters his world she starts to penetrate that facade he has. The Captain, voiced by Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner Whoopi Goldberg, stands guard as the head of security. She sees Bob for what she thinks he is and that’s a black cat, she thinks they’re unlucky. Jane Fonda voices Babe the Dragon, the exuberant CEO of Good Luck and undisputed luckiest ancient being in all the land.

Throughout our world, we’ve become very superstitious and have long ascribed luck to little trinkets. In different cultures, we’ve had lucky pennies, four-leaf covers, horseshoes, dreamcatchers, Maneki Neko, ladybugs, etc. All of these are meant to bring luck and ward off bad luck so getting to see a whole world based on these two factors was incredible, especially in a stylistic world like the Land of Luck. A world that creates the moments in your life where everything goes right or wrong. This amazing colourful world is where all kinds of magical creatures work together to create Luck, the good and bad. Throughout Sam’s journey, she meets Leprechauns such as Gerry voiced by Colin O’Donoghue, bunnies in hazmat suits and a flamboyant unicorn names Jeff voiced by Flula Borg. They all work tirelessly every day to bring you those sweet fortunate moments.

Apple TV+.

But Luck isn’t complete without the bad luck which is made on the other side of this world. A team of goats, roots, and goblins work to make your day a little more frustrating. We’ve all had these moments of stepping in gum, losing your keys, and in my case spilling a hot cup of tea over a MacBook Pro. The world-building showcases a fine balance between good luck and bad luck, however, the tiniest amount of bad luck can shut down the Land of luck’s entire operation, which is totally thrown off by Sam’s arrival. Things are certainly about to get interesting.  Skydance Animation has truly created a world I’d love to visit. Production designer Fred Warter has given the Land of Luck its personality and colour pallet. The use of green for good luck and purple for bad luck is genius and those two colours truly complement each other as the use of colours in this film help amplify each sequence.

Apple TV+.

As the title suggests, Luck sees Sam trying her best to save this newly discovered world after she brings her unfortunate bad luck into this sacred space. Throughout the film, we discover why she’s in search of a lucky penny and ultimately Luck is an original story that’ll touch people’s hearts with its strong messages that give us hope. Luck isn’t so much about the trinkets and charms and what it means to be unlucky which I can say features some funny gags, it’s rather about love and finding your forever family.

Luck also taps into the reality of the foster care system and the emotionally tolling process that is adoption.

The film is truly an amazing story, one that works for Skydance Animation’s first feature but also Apple Tv’s first original feature film. Everything from character design to the environment is outstanding. The Land of Luck is so universal and relatable, Luck is totally random. You can’t control it, you can’t create it. The world mirrors our own but it has good luck at the top and bad luck at the bottom. They’re both opposite sides of the coin. The film was also made over Zoom and many of the actors did the voicework in their homes.

Ultimately this movie made me feel inspired, to never give up on myself, never give up on my dreams and just keep going as life can be hard sometimes but luckily it will turn around.

Apple TV+.

Are you ready to step into the Land of Luck? Thanks to Toikido for sending out the awesome merchandise for us to review!. My family absolutely adored the film and the toys. Our favourite character is Bob the cat voiced by Simon Pegg so we were excited to receive the deluxe interactive talking plush. Tia aged eight says “It’s so soft and cuddly”. Bob is delightfully curious and mischievous and is so self-obsessed that he comes with over twenty-five phrases. Press Bob’s left hind paw to hear Pegg’s vocals and phrases which include “Top of the morning to ya”, and “You flushed my penny down the toilet”.

Links to purchase these magical products are below!

You can also bring the world of Luck to life with the deluxe figures of Bob the black cat, Jeff the Unicorn, Lucky Pig, and Sam. It’s awesome to have my favourite characters as fun action figures as you’ll be able to play out scenes from the beautifully animated film.

The magical and adventurous animated film is helmed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Peggy Holmes (“The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning”), from an original screenplay written by Kiel Murray (“Raya and the Last Dragon,” “Cars 3,” “Cars”), Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger (“Kung Fu Panda 2,” “Trolls”). John Lasseter, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and David Eisenmann are producing for Skydance Animation.

“Luck” joins an expanding lineup of the Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation partnership, alongside upcoming titles such as the highly anticipated feature “Spellbound,” and the animated series “The Search for WondLa,” with several more feature films and television series to be announced. “Luck” follows the recent Apple/Skydance NAACP nomination for Outstanding Animated Short-Form and Annie Awards nomination for Best Music for “Blush,” written and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joe Mateo (“Prep & Landing,” “Big Hero 6”), and composed by Hollywood Music in Media Award winner Joy Ngiaw (“Red,” “Fish Head”), now streaming on Apple TV+.

Luck” will be available in select cinemas and available on Apple TV+ this Friday, August 5th. 

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Prehistoric Planet: Guide to these Cretaceous Creatures



Life indeed does find a way.. as Apple TV+ showcases a documentary event that travels back 66 million years to a dominion when these extraordinary creatures roamed the lands, seas, and skies.  The wonders of our world are brought to life like never before. 

Dinosaurs continue to spark the imagination in all of us and with new updated scientific research and the latest imaging technology we are able to bring these titans to life. Throughout this five-night event, you’ll see a different terrain showcasing these creatures in extraordinary climates whether it’s the swooping sky, coastal depths, deep-sea, Icecaps, desolate desert, or fresh forests. What I’ve witnessed is that throughout each episode all dinosaurs of every kind are facing the one common thing which is the struggle to survive. 

Prehistoric Planet which is now streaming on Apple TV+ teams up with the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, the team behind many successful nature documentaries such as “Planet Earth” and The Moving Pictures Company’s visual effects team who’ve worked on Hollywood movies such as 2019’s “The Lion King”. this is all thanks to a great partnership between Mike Gunton, the BBC’s most senior natural history producer and Hollywood director Jon Favreau. Filming took place in real-world locations and the result is absolutely astonishing, as the scientifically accurate dinosaurs are brought to life and showcase behaviour in ways we’ve never seen before.

Prehistoric Planet is a feast for curious minds, it showcases one of the most exciting times in our world’s history which is a world populated by these extraordinary creatures. Some you may have never heard of but imagine flying reptiles the size of a giraffe soaring the skies, devil toads hopping around the marshlands and massive Dreadnoughtus march the desert. The series also brings to life many well-known dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Velociraptors, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the many marvels during the dinosaur dynasty. 

Transporting back 66 million years ago brings with it a combination of real and imaginary as Prehistoric Planet is a wildlife documentary that features the dramatic elements of struggle, conflict, life and death. The heart of the docu-series and what I witnessed is that you get a front-row seat to the greatest show on Earth set in the land of the dinosaurs. 

Prehistoric Planet is something spectacular and is populated by these magnificent prehistoric creatures. It’s a big breakthrough into understanding their behaviour, their anatomy, and their appearance, it’s truly something that must be believed to be seen. 

What kind of animals were they? what did they look like? and how did they live?. These are the questions that scientific research can now finally answer not just about Tyrannosaurus Rex but the other species that lived alongside it. And with dozens of dinosaurs featured throughout the five episodes, I’d like to tell you more about Prehistoric Planet’s new stars and some of my favourites.


Deinocheirus, with its feathered body and duck bill, the eight-ton creature wades through the Asian wetlands. first named in 1970, originally scientists only had a pair of arm bones with big, long claws. In 2014 new evidence revealed that Deinocheirus had a unique, large hump on its back supported by its back bones. Name meaning “terrible hand” Deinocheirus was a large omnivorous theropod. 


Carnotaurus meaning “carnivorous bull” is another large theropod. It’s known for its hollow bones and three-toed limbs and was discovered by Argentinian palaeontologist Joes Bonaparte in 1984. Their thick muscular neck and distinct horns sticking out of its eyes help identify the this creature which can get up to twenty-six feet in length which makes it a formidable predator. However Prehistoric Planet showcases these creatures in a whole new way as we witness a touching display as a Carnotaurus male puts on a courtship performance with only the smallest of arms, does he succeed in wowing the female well you’ll just have to tune into this epic five night event. 


Mononykus meaning “single claw” was a small theropod, measuring just around one metre in length. With long thin legs, shaggy featuring and small specialised forearms used for foraging. Mononykus also was very nimble which is very useful in the open desert plains. This desert expert patrols the vast lands to find enough food. As mentioned the long thin legs help to keep the body cool whilst its features form a shield protected it from the suns rays. super sense facial discs make her hypersensitive to sound which gives the Mononykus a mental map. Another skill this remarkable creature has is a flexible lounge, twice the length of her head as she uses her single claw to break into the tree bark and feast on termites. 


Barbaridactylus Pterosaurs is a nyctosaurid pterosaur, a kind usually associated with coastal areas and hunting for fish. Originally discovered in Morocco, it uses its sixteen foot wingspan to swoop down and dive into oceans, snatching any fish swimming close to the surface. Meaning of name comes from the Barbary Coast of North Africa. 


Nanuqsaurus meaning “polar bear lizard`’ was built for life in the polar north regions,It was first described and named in 2014. This species is also related to Tyrannosaurus rex, however its about half the length as this Tyrannosaur grew to around six metres in length. They displayed powerful predatory skills. 


Corythoraptor meaning “crested thief” is an oviraptor newly discovered in 2017. Its part of a group of crested, toothless, and feathered dinosaurs that are equipped with parrot-like heads, this omnivore is similar to that of a  cassowary a relation also to the emu. Corythoraptor’s can reach approximately five feet tall as they had long legs and were very much likely to be fast runners. 

Prehistoric Planet will truly stand the test of time as this Revolutionary series documents the riveting journey each species goes through, which is thanks to new scientific research such as Phylogenetic bracketing. This technique looks to see where animals sit on the evolutionary tree of life and also seeing what creatures were alongside them, for instance a Tyrannosaurus has crocodilians on one side of the spectrum and the other you have modern birds. This helps understand the behaviours of each species and  their fossil records. 

Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+ truly is a big breakthrough in showing what the world these dinosaurs lived in was like and the series breathes new life into some of the most misunderstood creatures that ever walked the earth. 

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