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Warner Bros. has released a first look at their new game, MultiVersus. The game will feature a massive roster of characters from the WB vault. With the likes of Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny, Tazmanian Devil, multiple DC characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman,  as well as Cartoon Network characters from Steven Universe and others. Worlds will collide like you’ve never seen before! Here’s your first look at the free-to-play platform fighter.”


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Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Dominion BioSyn Expansion Review



Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the critically-acclaimed sequel to Frontier’s highly successful Jurassic World Evolution which builds upon the ground-breaking and immersive management simulation. With it came a new narrative campaign that features new tools and awe-inspiring new dinosaurs that are brought to life through captivating authenticity. The results and outcomes of managing your own Jurassic Park/World are now bigger and better.

With Universal Pictures releasing the highly-anticipated Jurassic World: Dominion comes the culmination of the franchise and the Jurassic Era. To accompany the release Frontier has just launched their biggest update for the game to date, one complete with a new fully immersive campaign that takes you through Dominion as you discover the rise of BioSyn and take control of their Valley research compound. The update also features a new gripping “What If” scenario within Chaos Theory mode as well as new and returning characters but also most importantly a new array of mesmerising prehistoric species will be making their way into the game for the very first time as part of the Dominion expansion, including feathered dinosaurs Therizinosaurus and Pyroraptor. Ancient carnivore Dimetrodon and Quetzalcoatlus. 

The Expansion also includes a variety of new dinosaur variants and skins authentic to Jurassic World: Dominion and the PDLC launched together with a free update that offers existing players a range of new features and mechanics, but more on that later. I and Coastal House Media would like to thank Frontier and Heaven Media PR for providing us access to the new Biosyn Dominion Expansion so that we can get our review coverage out to you all and I’m so excited to get playing the DLC as I’m such a big fan of this series of games in fact I’ve just completed the Chaos Theory modes in Evolution 2, my favourite, of course, was Jurassic Park and helping John Hammond and InGen was a dream and now its BioSyn’s turn. Will history repeat itself, stick with me and we’ll sure find out. 

This review may contain spoilers that are central to Jurassic World: Dominion’s plot so if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend watching as I had a terrific time, otherwise please continue. Here’s just a taste of what the Dominion BioSyn Expansion will offer. 

Campaign Review

The Frontier Development team have truly knocked it out of the park, especially with the scope and scale of this DLC expansion. The campaign starts with an outstanding opening cutscene that also catches us up on the key moments that have happened throughout the Jurassic franchise.

From the get-go, players are brought into the events of Jurassic World Dominion as you’ll be tasked by Lewis Dodgson and Ramsey with building the BioSyn Genetics Facility located on a new lush valley map. Throughout the game, you’ll be listening to Dodgeson’s ramblings as you build the facility with his vision at the forefront. To create a functional facility you will need the following buildings Power Stations, Research Outposts, Science Centre, Control Centre, Hatchery, Emergency Centre, BioSyn Ranger, Capture and MVU Teams, Staff Centre and finally an Expedition Centre. Also featured is a brand new mechanics, one is the HyperLoop system which allows players to transport staff quickly through the park, and did I mention it’s all underground.

I had to play around to get the hang of it. There are also new amber mines which also utilise a new system and allows you to dig deep as we can send our dig teams out to unearth never before seen dinosaurs which are all inspired by Jurassic World Dominion. These dinosaurs attract more operatives as you’ll be tasked with researching and once you complete the Dinos genome you’ll also get additional skins and cosmetics, including some for base game dinos such as a feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Some of the coolest additions come with this DLC, most notably are the invisible fences which you have to research at the beginning of the campaign to unlock. The enclosures are now easily viewable from the ground, letting visitors and operatives see the dinosaurs without any obstacles in their way. As the player, this also benefits your view of the map and you’re able to get to your sick or injured dinosaurs in no time. Scientists are at the forefront of this campaign and playing it shows how much money BioSyn are working with as they employ modern- science in the game.

The Campaign also expands on the events of Jurassic World Dominion as eventually, you work alongside Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), Owen Grady, Dr Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neill) as Biosyn Genetics ushered in a new era of bioengineering as they build a utopia for their dinosaur creations, but in the shadows Dodgson was devising a more sinsiter plan. A plan that caught the attentions of Doctors Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant. To cover his tracks Dodgson destroyed the evidence which ultimately caused a catastrophe in the valley putting all lives at risk.

As players you will be helping them restore this scorched landscape and create a permanent viable home for the dinosaurs.

New Speices And Variants

Now having had a week playing through the expansion I’ve gotten to see the majority of the dinosaurs, especially the BioSyn exclusive ones. My first job in the campaign was to go on exhibitions so that I could get a complete genome of these discoveries. The graphic and social animations of these prehistoric creatures were outstanding and I appreciate Frontier for giving each their personality and characteristics. The four different dinosaur types are,


Similar to the Velociraptor, the name Pyroraptor means “Fire Thief” and was the first identified member of the Raptor family in Europe. Its bones were discovered after a forest fire and it’s a small but fast hunter. This dinosaur will surely put your park management skills to the test. The Dominion cosmetic is fiery red but the Pyroraptor comes with a variety of vibrant colours.


The oldest prehistoric species that’s been added to Jurassic world Evolution 2 as it became extinct several million years before the dinosaurs first roamed on Earth. This carnivore is characterised by its impressive neural spine sail on its back which is used to regulate heat.


This dinosaur is a fierce territorial foliage-grazer sporting feathers across its imposing stature. With its elongated forearms and curved claws, this ancient dino whose name means “Scythe Lizard” has an intimidating appearance. When I first saw this species in the film Jurassic World Dominion I was completely asto


Last, but certainly, not least the related to the Quetzalcoatlus is one of the largest flying animals of all time. This towering Pterosaur has a massive wingspan and requires serval aviary domes to satisfy its territory and environmental needs. Its sheer size and long sharp beak make it the most dominating force in the air.

Also to accompany the new dinosaurs in this amazing expansion pack is that you’ll be able to enjoy six new skins as well as two new variants.  The T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, and the Dilophosaurus will all have new appearances on their skin designs as well as designs that feature In Jurassic World Dominion. 

Chaos Theory Mode

Alongside the campaign from the Dominion Biosyn, Expansion DLC comes a new Chaos Theory level that also coincides with the film’s release. In this Chaos Theory, players will explore a scenario where Owen Grady’s ranch has been used as a temporary shelter for Dinosaurs whilst a solution on what to do with them is being worked on as the DFW is looking to place these roaming creatures and ultimately reintegrate them into the world. Owen offers his Ranch in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, however, things don’t always go to plan when dinosaurs are around.

The gameplay in the snowy mountains is stunning as players will not just look after these magnificent creatures but also you’ll have to fend off rustlers who are out to poach the dinosaurs for their own gain. The Rustlers are poachers who come onto your ranch to kidnap the dinosaurs. They will arrive in their own vehicles and can destroy your facitilty and fences and use tranquisers to hunt. If they’re not dealt within time they’ll have succeeded. Some rustlers will get scared if they see a ranger approaching and some you’ll just have to ramm into their vehicles.

Of course you’ll get notified whenever they’re about to attack and also how many dinosaurs they plan to steal. Research also plays a big part in this Chaos Theory as aside from improving your facilities you also have access to anti-rustler research projects that will help you defend the ranch as well as a cool new feature OF Wrangling . Heres a look at the Chaos Theory.


Frontier have created a phenomenal expansion for Jurassic World Evolution 2, the campaign and Chaos Theory were so immersive and engaging and the four new dinosaurs are incredibly detailed. The development team have added plenty of cool new features also for the DLC and the base game if you haven’t purchased the expansion, which I suggest you do if you want more from this incredible park management game.

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Starfield — Combat Gameplay | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

Starfield is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was formally announced during Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference in 2018.




Starfield is being described as Skyrim in space. Players will be able to explore thousands of alien worlds, fully design characters and starships.

Starfield is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was formally announced during Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference in 2018. —Wiki

Initial release date: 2023
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Engine: Creation Engine, Creation Engine 2
Platforms: Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
Designers: Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo
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Sonic Frontiers is an upcoming 2022 platform game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. It is the first Sonic the Hedgehog game to feature open-world gameplay; as Sonic, the player explores the Starfall Islands, which comprise various biomes. Development began after the release of Sonic Forces.

Initial release date: 2022
Writer: Ian Flynn
Developer: Sonic Team
Composer: Jun Senoue
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
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via: Wiki

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