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The State of Gaming



Let’s get this out of the way abruptly… The state of gaming from a financial perspective is alive and well, profitable and growing in a way not seen in possibly any generation thus far.

With the iteration of streaming, YouTube and various platforms, the exposure of gaming has reached heights never seen before. When gaming was once an embarrassing thing to discuss, or ‘gamers’ were looked down upon and categorized as ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’ or whatever title to degrade them, the world has totally changed for better in the gaming world.

Video games as a whole, are really not that advanced in age when looking at the grand scheme of things. From the introduction of the Atari, Super Nintendo, etc. — we have truly come a very long way in not just terms of graphics and system power, but acceptance and regularity into society.

The OG gamer may have an issue with how monetized and public the world of gaming has truly become. Fame was never found sitting in front of your television in the 1990’s playing on a console, but the times have truly changed, and now millions can be made by broadcasting your gaming abilities, albeit if it comes with an interesting on-screen persona.

The vortex of gaming has become a whirlwind of gaming versus publication and public marketing, but any publicity is good publicity right? And this is the world we live in. I personally think the exposure and new world that has been bred into gaming is wonderful for the gaming community, no matter what your belief or opinion on this matter, the introduction of streaming has truly given new life to gaming.

The Playstation vs Xbox battle has been a debate that dates back to a past generation, with many media pundits calling for the death of consoles as the initiation of mobile gaming has truly expanded into the universe. But this has not been the case, as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X have become some of the most sought after electronic devices in the history of the world, not just gaming.

What is interesting in the gaming world, is how there is a market for everyone. For all of the new franchises of gaming, remakes of older classics has become a new norm in the world. It gives not only older gamers the ability to replay some their favorite moments with a fresh coat of paint, but it also gives a new generation the ability to play a game that has been so revered from past generations.

We live in a world where the idea of a gamer can mean so many things now. This is truly a refreshing take on a world that was not always so accepted. Gaming has now defied age and class systems, race and religion, you name it, there is a game and genre for everyone out there. The world of gaming has changed as we know it, and it is fine.

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Why the Xbox Series X is Superior to the PS5



Xbox Series X

This is not your typical article about CPUs and performance power. Partly because this has already been written about many times over, and partly because – well I just do not care. The meat and potatoes of gaming is based upon accessibility and available game content.

With new systems, we tend to place unfair and lofty expectations when a system is just finding its footing. If history has shown us anything, it is that the veracity of these Sony vs Microsoft arguments are and always will be subjective. If anything, in terms of sales, it would suggest that the PS5 would be the superior option compared to its arch rival.

The PS5 has outsold the Xbox by almost four million copies. Number don’t lie, or do they? In terms of numbers, the reflection of the success Sony has had compared to that of Microsoft is more based upon the past generation of consoles. In terms of game exclusivity and accessibility, the PS4 was the superior choice compared to that of the Xbox One. This could possibly be the reason for such successful sales for Sony, as many consumers turned their back on Microsoft after the blunders of the last generation console.

Game Pass is not a new iteration, in fact it was introduced last generation. However, what the month-to-month subscription service has brought to the table this generation is a newly minted machine that Sony has not been able to compete with. With large day one titles coming immediately to Game Pass, including even one Sony exclusive in “MLB the Show 21”, the success of Game Pass has even caused Sony to take action.

Day one release titles for a $15 a month subscription service that includes large titles sprawled across three different Xbox platforms is truly ground breaking. Add the fact that the Ps5 can only play current and last generation titles, and it would indicate that the game library for the Xbox Series X is towering over its competition. The Sony subscription service PS Now which is priced at $9.99 a month is indeed a cheaper option, but its library of games are shoddy and feature very unpopular titles that in also in terms of quantity are very meager compared to that of Game Pass.

Microsoft has also broken ground by purchasing many studios to develop games exclusive to Xbox, the biggest one being Bethesda. The $7.5 billion-dollar acquisition of the company famous for large gaming franchises such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls, was one of the biggest stories of the year in the gaming industry. The acquisition is highlighted by the title “StarField”, an RPG title coming to Xbox exclusively in 2022.

Sony has been silent in terms of game promotion and upcoming titles, skipping E3 altogether. Not new for Sony, but troubling considering that nothing innovative or exciting seems to be on the rise for this year or next, at least in terms of exclusivity outside of Horizon Forbidden West (which is not a new IP).

There are some quirks that Sony has over Microsoft right now, the controller is very intuitive and the load times are shockingly fast, but the whole argument of “Microsoft doesn’t have any games”, is becoming a thing of the past as it has dedicated itself to matching its rival by buying up as many game developing studios as possible.

Sony may be winning in terms of revenue and sales, but let’s be honest, the Xbox Series X towers over the PS5, and no matter if you are loyal to Sony or Microsoft, seeing the light and being honest to one’s self is the key to happiness.

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Final Fantasy XVI | Official Reveal Trailer – HD | PS5

Check out the debut trailer for FF16 (Final Fantasy XVI), revealed during the PS5 showcase in September 2020.







Naoki Yoshida



Release Date:


Plot Summary:

“The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough,”

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Can The PS5 Top Its Predecessor?



The Playstation 4 vs Xbox One console war was a landslide victory for Sony. With over 100-million units sold, the PS4 is now the fourth biggest selling console in gaming history. With that being said, 2020 is a landmark year for Sony. The much hyped Playstation 5 will launch during the holiday season. It seems now that Sony is only competing with itself.

Not to discredit Microsoft, they can still sell a decent number of next-gen units, and Nintendo always has a large following with it’s exceptional first-party developed games. However Sony is now in a class of it’s own. Numbers do not lie, and this is certainly the case when it comes to the playstation consoles.

With great expectations comes great responsibility. Sony has the responsibility now to push out a console that must top it’s predecessor, which will be no tiny feat. The PS4 was a monster of a system, with numerous AAA first-party games and even an updated version of the console that ran in 4K, it’s hard to imagine how this can be eclipsed. Although wherever there is a will, comes a way.

Sony has been mum on the PS5, we have seen screenshots of the new smaller design, we have even got a
look at the new controller, but in terms of games not much has been spoken of. We got a rather disappointing showing of the new Xbox console, but nothing from Sony, and it has us all in the dark and antsy. Could a big surprise be on the horizon? Or could they really just be playing their cards close? Especially considering regardless of the news they spill, most console gamers will be heading the way of Sony.

Sony has spoken of the new console being backwards compatible, but the question is, what will be the new titles? Will Naughty Dog unveil a new Uncharted character and game? Will Santa Monica unveil a new ‘God of War?’ Also what will Insomniac reveal as an encore to the hugely successful Spider-Man game? The possibilities are endless, and although the new consoles do not tend to “break the bank” so to speak on launch titles, it is exciting to discuss what Sony could unveil for the future.

So how can the PS5 top it’s predecessor? It seems gaming has hit an apex in terms of graphics and movement, some may have some gripes, but boy have we come along way in terms of the capabilities of what gaming can accomplish. Sony has said the PS5 will support 8k gaming, but to what extent will this be? Can they really top the games of this current gen? Only the future holds the key, but when you take a look at Sony’s formula of success, it would be wise not to bet against them.



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