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Rebirth (2016)



RebirthA white-collar suburban father Kyle who is surprised at his office by long-lost college buddy Zack. Zack is as wild and crazy as ever, brimming with excitement about the self-actualization program he’s just finished called Rebirth. He talks Kyle into going on a weekend-long Rebirth retreat,handing over his keys, wallet, and phone. Thus begins his journey down a bizarre rabbit hole of psychodrama, seduction, and violence.

Genre : Thriller
Country : USA

Cast :
Fran Kranz : Kyle
Adam Goldberg : Zack
Nicky Whelan : Naomi

Director :
Karl Mueller

My opinion on “Rebirth”

Hey, you still have the Manifesto?
The what?
The Manifesto, man.
Don’t tell me you threw it away.

Rebirth” is a psychological thriller of the Netflix collection. I certainly won’t deny that I have become a fervent supporter of the Netflix Originals series. I’ve seen already some great movies (“Spectral“, “iBoy“, “Before I Wake” and “Message from the king“). And also some less successful experiments (“Mute” and “Death note” eg). “Rebirth” is a special case and ends somewhere in the middle. In essence, it’s not such a bad movie, but there were certain aspects that made me really hate it. Some will even find it an annoying film. I still don’t know whether I should take this film seriously or not. If it was meant to be serious and tried to create an image of how similar organizations function, then it was rather frightening. If, however, it was meant to be satirical, I guess I haven’t noticed it then. For me it wasn’t really funny.


Don’t be boring.

For Kyle (FranThe LivingKranz) every day is a duplicate of the previous day. He can be seen as a settled and satisfied model citizen who carries out his day-to-day job. This seemingly carefree existence is thoroughly shaken up the day his crazy, hyper-kinetic ex-school friend Zack (AdamOnce upon a time in VeniceGoldberg) turns up in Kyle’s office and reminds him that they once wrote down a promise. A “Manifesto” with one important slogan : “Don’t be boring“. And that’s something Kyle, after agreeing to go to some bizarre reorientation weekend, is told several times. Unfortunately, “Rebirth” turned out to be somewhat boring with a disappointing final piece.


Don’t like your life. Love it !

Fran Kranz convincingly plays the confused and panicky Kyle, who sees his smooth going civilian life reduced to a chaotic, uncontrollable nightmare. It’s obvious the propagated message of the “Rebirth” program is all about self-control. “Rebirth” is about getting a grip on yourself and not apathetically following the course of the system (as zombies). According to Zack, it’s all about rediscovering yourself and start loving life back again. The only thing Kyle seems to experience is that it’s an insane and degrading program. The fact that Zack looks as if he has eaten too many psychedelic mushrooms, doesn’t seem to help him either.


I’d join this, just to experience the “Honesty Circle”.

To be honest, the film really got on my nerves at certain moments. For example, there is the dazzlingly handsome Naomi (Nicky Whelan) who has the annoying habit of answering every question with a question. It was driving me crazy. The exaggerated group events also felt like a sort of mass hysteria. And it became a bit too predictable when Kyle ended up in a pillow-filled room with a couple lovely, very tasty looking women whose sex lives are clearly as exhilarating as watching a chess game. It looked like a hippie commune. It also felt rather surreal and unearthly.

The denouement is kind of disappointing.

As I said before, specially the end is disappointing. Initially, you see an organization trying to recruit members by means of brainwashing and psychological pressure. I admit it was intriguing. But in the end it felt incomplete. Perhaps also due to the lack of any explanation. Initially, “Rebirth” looked like a sort of sect, full of esoteric ideas and dogmas, with the aim of allowing the participants to experience a rebirth in which all connections with their inculcating, self-centered living environment are cut. It wants to hold an imaginary mirror up to them and show that the participants are living in an artificial world controlled by others. That they are puppets in a social puppet theater where others pull the strings. Or also, an artificial bubble that you don’t want to pierce because of the comfort, their acquired status and financial security. Afterwards, it seems to be nothing else than a cheap sales organization of food products, which they try to sell through networking at well-organized home parties. In the end it felt like I had just attended a Tupperware demonstration.

My rating 5/10
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Disney +

PREY Review | A Brutal, Primeval Emotional Survival Epic



PREY is one of the best entries in the Predator franchise. Director Dan Trachtenberg has crafted a brutal, primaeval & emotional survival epic powered by Comanche tradition which features a fierce performance from Amber Midthunder who kicks Ass as the animalistic Predator becomes her PREY!

Set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, “Prey” is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains, so when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to prove herself a worthy hunter. The prey she stalks, and ultimately confronts, turns out to be a highly evolved alien Predator with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

.© 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“Prey” stars Amber Midthunder, newcomer Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, Julian Black Antelope, and Dane DiLiegro as the Predator. The film is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison with a story by Patrick Aison & Dan Trachtenberg based on characters created by Jim Thomas & John Thomas. It is produced by John Davis, Jhane Myers, and Marty Ewing, with Lawrence Gordon, Ben Rosenblatt, James E. Thomas, John C. Thomas, and Marc Toberoff serving as executive producers.

The Predator franchise which is now a collection on Disney+ began with the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and was directed by John McTiernan. It told the story of an elite set of mercenaries who form a team and head to the jungles of South America on a recovery mission. However, they find themselves hunted by an extraterrestrial warrior with an arsenal of high-tech weapons.

In “PREY” we witness the first time this creature comes to earth as the alien Predator lands his spacecraft in the Northern Great Plains in 1719, it’s looking to hunt for sport. The land however is inhabited by men, women, and children of the Comanche tribe, many of them skilled at hunting and are warriors themselves. What I thoroughly loved about “PREY” is that it shows how committed director Dan Trachtenberg and his crew were in creating a film that provides an accurate portrayal of the Comanche world at the height of their empire. This truly brings a level of authenticity and showcases the true experiences and the lives of its indigenous people. This phenomenal cast is comprised almost entirely of Native and First Nation talent.

.© 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Amber Midthunder brings a fierce and powerful performance to the role of Naru, a highly skilled Comanche warrior raised in the shadow of the legendary hunters who roamed the Great Plains. When danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her band and faces the supreme test when the prey she stalks and ultimately confronts turns out to be an alien Predator. Smart, confident, and resourceful, she is familiar with every inch of the surrounding landscape and its natural predators. Naru means “fight” in Comanche, which is more than appropriate for this character. She has strong ideas and opinions about things, her future, and her life. Her wants are quite different from what other people would assign to her or imagine for her, Midthunder truly leads with power.

.© 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Taabe, a young Comanche warrior played by newcomer Dakota Beavers truly shines in his debut. The leader of the band of Comanches, War Chief Kehetu is played by Julian Black Antelope. Aruka, Naru’s mother is played by Michelle Thrush. Aruka along with the rest of the older Comanche generation, wants her daughter to follow a more traditional path.

This primal David vs Goliath story also features the animalistic Predator, brought to life ferociously by Dane DiLiegro. This creature is a highly advanced alien seeking the strongest opponent. The Iconic Predator is the ultimate adversary, and one of the fiercest hunters in the universe, especially with its high-tech weaponry, cloaking, and heat-seeking abilities. This iteration of the character is more creature-like as it takes 300 years prior to the original.

“PREY is full of different kinds of Predators. The Comanches, hunt and fight for survival. Everything that they hunt is used and nothing is wasted for example they use every part of the buffalo and are also thankful for the spirit of that animal that’s able to nourish them, clothe them and ultimately is used for everything that they needed in life. Their fighting style is powerful and the costuming is traditional with authentic colours which ensures historical accuracy. They also have to be comfortable for the actors who do a good deal of horseback riding.

.© 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Principle photography on “PREY” began in June 2021 at the Stone Nakoda Nation near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The entire production was filmed outdoors, with all the phenomenal exterior shots utilising the magnificent terrain of the Calgary landscape. The cinematography and the use of natural light were outstanding. Cinematographer Jeff Cutter has truly captured the epicness of dawn and dusk and embraces and respects nature. The earthy colours of the Comanche are black, red, and white and this colour pallet is well utilised through their face paintings. The score by Sarah Schachner is suspenseful and thrilling.


Overall It’s been 35 years since “Predator” first captivated audiences, and now fans have a chance to see the Predator in action once again. However, this particular “Predator” film truly revitalises the franchise with a deeply personal story and a thrilling hunt for survival.

Prey will be available to stream on Hulu and Disney+ Internationally on Friday, Aug. 5.

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Prime Video

Thirteen Lives Review: Ron Howard’s Thai Cave Rescue Drama

Against all odds. One miracle that united the world.



On June 23, 2018, 12 boys, ages eleven to sixteen, walked into Tham Luang Nang Non cave in northern Thailand along with their 25-year-old coach. Unexpected heavy rainfall soon trapped the young explorers in a life-or-death situation. Thirteen Lives recounts this incredible true story and of the tremendous global effort it took to rescue the soccer team. Faced with insurmountable odds, a team of the world’s most skilled and experienced divers- uniquely able to navigate the maze of flooded, narrow cave tunnels-join with Thai forces and more than 10,000 volunteers to attempt the harrowing rescue. With high stakes and the entire world watching, the group embarks on their most challenging dive yet, showcasing the limitless of the human spirit in the process. 

Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard crafts this unbelievable story with a visceral dramatic style as the film boasts immersive sound design, captivating cinematography, thrilling and suspenseful sequences and incredible performances as throughout, the film depicts how the rescuers, engineers, and divers tried everything in the face of outrageous odds. The movie at times made me feel claustrophobic as we witness the narrow underwater tunnels its tension driven but Howard centres the film’s narrative on the parents, volunteers and decision-makers, this adds to the film’s emotional weight as we as the audience are taken through each day and plan to reuse the boys and their coach. 

Prime Video

Thirteen Lives is a well-scripted and edited film that also showcases Thailand’s expansive natural beauty and Community. Monsoon season has strikingly arrived early and the cave becomes flash flooded trapping all thirteen on a ledge many miles inside what now has become dark underwater passages. The Navy Seals join forces with the volunteers and attempt to extract the boys. However, the pitch black waters and the tunnels become more perilous so an international effort intensifies so Rescue divers Rick Stanton (Viggo Mortensen) and John Volanthen (Colin Farrell) from the UK have the experience of diving where no one else had. They flew in to join 10,000 volunteers. The two men take on the mission of mapping the caves and in hope of finding these boys, they recruit more rescue divers including Australian physician Dr Richard Harris (Joel Edgerton) for the most dangerous and never seen rescue attempt. 

Prime Video

These characters based on real-life people showcase an example of cooperation, humanity and the power of expertise that happens when you’re under pressure. It’s a film that focuses brilliantly on suspense, mystery, fraught, and physical danger but also an emotional danger as we as the audience are on the edge of our seats anticipating the divers finding the boys, however, what does it mean if there’s a misstep? how long is the rescue really going to take? and what is the ultimate price that has to be paid to achieve this rescue operation?. Director Ron Howard has found critical success in crafting historical and biographical films like “Apollo 13” and “ A Beautiful Mind” He knows how to shoot the details which are utterly captivating. He also spent time with the real-life divers Rick Stanton and Jason Mallinson, and spoke with John Volanthen, Chris Jewell, and Dr Harris, collecting information. 

The film also boasts some emotional and incredible performances. The film puts together a team of actors and an International ensemble. To play Rick Stanton, three-time Academy Award nominee Viggo Mortensen brings a sense of stoicism, determination, and smart, grizzled humanism. And To play John Volanthen, Colin Farrell found that a mix of gentleness and heroism would be just the first layer of understanding the actual person he was playing, a man first seen as a father and family man.

Joel Edgerton portrays Dr Richard “Harry” Harris, an Australian cave diver and physician contacted by Stanton to help with the rescue. Each character is a determined protagonist but throughout the film we see them struggle and make sacrifices in order to rescue the boys. The emotional performances also come from the boys’ parents and the local Community and showcase Thai culture respectively. 

Prime Video

The film acts as a ticking clock thriller as we watch the divers proceed through the darkened waters. Every minute is tense and well utilised as the cameras show the impact of the rescue mission. Thirteen Lives is truly cinematic.

The incredible true story of the greatest rescue the world has ever seen

hits select theaters exclusively for one week on July 29, launching globally on Prime Video on August 5

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PARAMOUNT+ UK Highlights | What Hit Shows Are Coming In July ?




The highly anticipated US streaming service, Paramount+, is finally in the UK after launching last week and with the launch titles up and running we can now reveal more details about the originals, movies, and continued shows that will be streaming in July 2022. 

The global digital subscription video streaming service features a mountain of entertainment for audiences of all ages.



Box Set Drops: 15th of July/ Three Episodes- Sixty Minutes in Length

Produced by Emmy Award-winning production company Film 45, in
association with Endeavor Content and Hulu. Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons will uncover the secrets of the Victoria’s Secret empire and ask thought-provoking questions on the influence of fashion and advertising on our lives This series chronicles the untold history behind the iconic brand. How the retailer that once defined our culture’s definition of sex and beauty with images of Angels splashed across its catalogues suffered a turbulent fall from grace, with its CEO Les Wexner embroiled in a scandal with accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, is revealed through an in-depth examination.


Documentary Available From the 25 of July

GirL, Taken follows the story of Celeste and Morne Nurse, whose baby daughter Zephany was stolen from the hospital three days after her birth in Cape Town, April 1997. For 17 years, the devastated couple searched for Zephany, regularly making media appeals, hiring private detectives and following false leads. Then in 2015, their second daughter Cassidy enrolled in a new school, where other pupils pointed out how an older pupil Miche Solomon looked very much like Zephany.

DNA samples confirmed that Miche was Zephany and how she had grown up only a few miles from the Nurse’s home. The Nurses were overjoyed and became media darlings around the world. However, the arrest and trial of the seamstress whom Miche knew as her loving mother devastated her and she ultimately chose to remain with the kidnapper’s family. Against all expectations, The Nurses lost their daughter a second time. This film follows the process of two broken families climbing the difficult path towards forgiveness and wholeness. Produced by Soilsiú Films, in association with Screen Ireland, M-Net and Abacus Media Rights.


Box Set drops: 21st of July- One Season/Six Episodes/Sixty Mintues

Starring: Renée Zellweger, Josh Duhamel and Judy Greer. This true-crime, limited series is based on the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria that resulted in her husband Russ’s conviction, although he insisted he didn’t kill her. Russ was later exonerated, but this brutal crime set off a chain of events that would expose a diabolical scheme deeply involving Pam Hupp played by Renée Zellweger.

Additional cast includes Josh Duhamel, Judy Greer, Katy Mixon, Glenn Fleshler, Gideon Adlon, Sean Bridgers, Suanne Spoke and Mac Brandt. The Thing About Pam is executive produced by Renée Zellweger, Carmella Casinelli, Jenny Klein (who also
serves as showrunner), Mary-Margaret Kunze, Scott Winant, Jessika Borsiczky, Liz Cole, Noah Oppenheim, Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold and Mary Lisio. The series is
produced by Blumhouse Television, NBC News Studios and Big Picture Co.


Box Set Drops: 21st of July/One Season/Eight Episodes/Thirty Minutes

Inspired by true events, this new comedy follows childhood leukaemia survivor Joanna Gold (Vanessa Bayer) as she chases her lifelong dream of becoming a home shopping channel host. Shedding her “cancer girl” label, she moves away from her parents, starts a budding romance for the first time in her adult life and befriends her idol (Molly Shannon), the charismatic star of the network. But when a little white lie to her boss (Jenifer Lewis) turns
into a big snowy avalanche, Joanna finds that living the dream comes with a hefty price tag.


Box Set Drops: 4th of July/Thirteen Episodes/Thirty Minutes

Starring: Audrey Grace Marshall, Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee. Combining live-action and animation, The Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Odder will pick up years after the original ended by following Timmy Turner’s cousin Vivian “Viv” Turner and her new stepbrother Roy Raskin as they navigate life in Dimmsdale with the help of their fairy
godparents, Wanda and Cosmo. Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart Rachel Raskin in the town of Dimmsdale, thrusting his cautious 13-year-
old daughter Viv into a new world where she does not fit in. Once here, Viv’s cousin Timmy entrusts his fairy godparents Wanda and Cosmo to help her adjust by taking her under their wings. Witnessing the fairy transfer take place, Viv’s charismatic new stepbrother Roy also
inherits them, and the two siblings must take turns making wishes. Together they learn to overcome the obstacles in their path, all with the help from their new wand-wielding and wish-granting fairy godparents. The original series for Paramount+ is produced by Nickelodeon Productions.


Box Set Drops: 11th of July/One Season/Sixteen Episodes/Thirty Minutes

Starring: Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke and Rodger Bumpass. Kamp Koral:
Spongebob’s Under Years is the first-ever SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff. The CG-animated
prequel series follows 10-year-old SpongeBob SquarePants and his pals during summer sleepaway camp where they spend their time building underwater campfires, catching wild jellyfish and swimming in Lake Yuckymuck at the craziest camp in the kelp forest, Kamp Koral.

Kamp Koral: Spongebob’s Under Years features Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick) and Rodger Bumpass (Squidward) reprising their iconic roles. Carlos Alazraqui and Kate Higgins join as new characters Nobby and Narlene, narwhal siblings who live in the woods surrounding the camp. The series is produced by Nickelodeon.


Box Set Drops: 25th of July/One Season/Eight Episodes/30 Minutes

Starring: Daniel Jacobs and Jack Black Big Nate is a comedy about a sixth-grade kid who has a never-ending need to prove his awesomeness to the world. Whether he’s dealing with disasters at home or detention at school, Nate Wright is no stranger to a challenge. Luckily, he’s able to express himself through the world of cartoons that he creates. Charming, mischievous, and a magnet for misadventure trouble is always fun when Nate is around, just ask his friends! In the series premiere “The Legend of the Gunting,” Nate has multiple detentions on the docket, as per usual. But this time he is only one detention away from a fate only whispered about in the halls of P.S. 38. The unhinged new kid, meanwhile, is
determined to become Nate’s prank partner. Jack Black guest stars as Brad Gunter, a prankster of epic proportions and Nate’s inspiration, and Daniel Jacobs lends his voice as Bentley Carter, the new kid at P.S. 38 eager to wreak havoc through the school on teachers and students alike. Big Nate is produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio.


Box Set Drops 18th of July/One Season/Ten Episodes/30 Minutes

Starring: Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress. Based on the original hit sitcom, Carly follows Carly Shay, the original influencer, and her friends as they navigate work, love and their family in their 20s. The 10-episode second season of Paramount+’s Carly picks up right after the first season ended, with Carly refocusing her attention on her friends and family following her romantic complications, all while working to boost her revived web
channel. Spencer and Harper must also navigate new personal and career developments,
while Freddie balances raising Millicent with a new app and a new girlfriend. The series is
produced by Nickelodeon Studios for Paramount+.


Box Set Drops 6th of July/Ten Episodes/Sixty Minutes

Starring: T. J. Lavin. MTV’s reality competition show The Challenge returns with an
all stars cast featuring past contestants who have qualified or previously won a Challenge Final. Featuring some of the franchise’s fiercest competitors from every era of the show,
The Challenge: All Stars S3 will reignite old rivalries and spark new ones as these power players navigate a series of gruelling challenges and eliminations, along with some
unexpected twists and turns. T.J. Lavin returns to host the thrilling season, as the competitors fight to earn the chance to run the Final and take home their share of $500.000. The series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Bunim/Murray Productions.


Full Movie Available- 20th of July/Ninety Minutes

Starring: Will Arnett, Terry Crews and Geraldine Viswanathan. An original animated family film that explores the world of monster wrestling celebrates moving to your own groove and
paving your own unique path to success. In a world where monster wrestling is a global sport and monsters are superstar athletes, Rumble’s teenage Winnie seeks to follow in her
father’s footsteps by coaching a lovable underdog monster into a champion. Produced by Paramount Animation in association with WWE Studios, and with production companies, Reel FX and Walden Media,

The film features an all-star voice cast, including Geraldine Viswanathan, Terry Crews, Stephen A. Smith, Jimmy Tatro,. Tony Danza, Susan Kelechi Watson, Tony Shalhoub,
Bridget Everett, Greta Lee, Ben Schwartz, Joe “Roman Reigns” Anoa’i, Becky Lynch, Michael Buffer and Charles Barkley.


Full Movie Available 29th of July/ Ninety Minutes

Starring: Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid and Marley Shelton. Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a
new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to
resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past.


All Three Movies Available 1st of July/Various Lengths

Starring: Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible follows the operations of the Impossible Missions Force’s main field team under the leadership of Ethan Hunt (Cruise), looking to stop enemy forces while preventing impending global disasters. Each film sees the agent take on new missions of near-impossible feats around the globe. The 25-year-long franchise will showcase the first three of its hit films on Paramount+ this July:



Catch the Continuation of some of the hit shows launched in June.


Continues Every Wednesday, Episodes 5-8

In its adaptation for Paramount+, HALO will take place in the universe that first came to be in 2001, dramatizing an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant. HALO will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future. HALO stars Pablo Schreiber as the Master Chief, Spartan-117; Natasha McElhone as Dr Halsey, the brilliant, conflicted and inscrutable creator of the Spartan super-soldiers; and Jen Taylor as Cortana, the most advanced Al in human history, and potentially the key to the survival of the human race.


Continues Every Wednesday, Episodes 5-7

The series tells the story of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful and most destructive unicorn company, Uber. The season pivots on Travis Kalanick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Uber’s hard-charging CEO who was ultimately ousted in a boardroom coup, and his sometimes tumultuous relationship with his mentor Bill Gurley (Kyle Chandler), the plainspoken, brilliant Texan venture capitalist who bets his sterling reputation on Uber’s success – and then has to live with the consequences. Thurman stars as Arianna Huffington, the savvy businesswoman and co-founder of The Huffington Post, who was an Uber board member.


Continues Every Wednesday, Episodes 5-8

Based on the Walter Tevis novel of the same name and the iconic film starring David Bowie, THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH will follow an alien, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who arrives on Earth at a turning point in human evolution and must confront his own past to determine our future. Naomie Harris plays Justin Falls, a brilliant scientist and engineer who must conquer her own demons in the race to save two worlds. Additional cast includes Jimmi Simpson, Rob Delaney, Sonya Cassidy, Joana Ribeiro, Annelle Olaleye, Kate Mulgrew, Clarke Peters and Bill Nighy.


Continues Every Wednesday, Episodes 5-8

Based on the year’s Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise, STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the decade before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy. The series will feature fan favourites from season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock.


Continues Every Wednesday, Episodes 3-6

The first-of-its-kind global singing competition featuring the fiercest drag queens from 10 countries around the world. In each episode, contestants will debut a new musical performance, singing live in front of an audience and the “Pop Diva Panel” of judges in the hopes of being crowned “Queen of the Universe” and taking home a $250,000 cash prize. The series is hosted by Graham Norton, with Vanessa Williams, Michelle Visage, Trixie Mattel and Leona Lewish forming the “Pop Diva Panel” of judges.

This isn’t the full Line-Up for the month of July, So stay posted for updates and announcements on the titles throughout next month

In the UK, Paramount+ is available online at

and on mobile and a wide range of connected TV devices via the Paramount+ app, via broad direct-to-consumer distribution through Apple, Amazon, Google, Roku® and Samsung, with more platforms to be announced in the coming months. Users will be able to sign up to the service for £6.99 per month/£69.90 per annum in the UK, after a free seven-day trial*.   

Paramount+ launched on Sky platforms in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria in 2022 as part of a new multi-year distribution agreement that also includes the extended carriage of Paramount’s leading portfolio of pay-TV channels. Sky Cinema subscribers will get the bonus of Paramount+ included at no extra cost. 

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